Opening the door of committees for Egyptians to vote in the Senate elections


09:11 AM

Tuesday 11 August 2020

The electoral commissions have opened their doors to Egyptian voters, to vote in the Senate elections, which begin today, Tuesday, and tomorrow, Wednesday.

About 63 million citizens who are registered in the voter database are entitled to vote before 27 public committees (representing the various governorates) that include 14 thousand and 92 sub-committees, which are conducted under full judicial supervision with the participation of 18,000 judges (primary and reserve), and 120,000 employees are assisted.

Senate elections are held for the return of the Second Chamber for Legislation according to a constitutional amendment, as the National Elections Authority has renewed the registration of 152 international media institutions and 11 new international media institutions in the database, according to the list of the press center for foreign correspondents in the State Information Service, and the Authority decided to renew the registration of 5 institutions A journalist, and three satellite channels, in addition to dozens of international and local organizations that follow up the constitutional elections.

In the Senate elections – according to the final list of candidates – 787 candidates are competing in the single and list systems distributed over 27 governorates as follows: (Aswan 12 candidates, Assiut 28 candidates, Alexandria 67 candidates, Ismailia 9 candidates, Luxor 25 candidates, the Red Sea 10 candidates, and the lake 41 Giza 73 candidates, Dakahlia 43 candidates, Suez 13 candidates, Sharkia 47 candidates, Al Gharbia 30 candidates, Fayoum 10 10 candidates, Cairo 98 98 candidates, Qalyubia 60, Al Menoufia 30 30 27 Menia, Al Wadi Al Jadid two 23 candidates and Beni Suef 23 Port Said has 8 candidates, South Sinai 5, Damietta 17, Sohag 35, North Sinai 7, Qena 42, Kafr El-Sheikh 20, and Matrouh 5).

In light of the spread of the new Corona virus, the National Elections Authority, headed by Counselor Lashin Ibrahim, Vice President of the Court of Cassation, has taken precautionary and preventive measures to ensure that the disease does not spread due to the gatherings of citizens in front and inside the electoral headquarters, including the compulsory wearing of medical masks on all sides of the electoral process, and the provision of masks for all Heads of subcommittees and secretaries, as well as voters who do not carry them, as well as hand gloves to be used to carry the pen, and alcohol to sterilize hands, and all of these supplies will be handed over to the judges along with the electoral papers.

The “National Elections” announced the modernization of several electoral centers that include the subcommittees for holding the Senate elections in them, so that they are closer to citizens in terms of their place of residence, in order to facilitate the voters. So that the number of voters in each sub-committee is reduced with the increase in the number of centers.

The “National Elections” ended the cleansing of all electoral commissions and headquarters in preparation for receiving voters on Tuesday and Wednesday, in addition to issuing a decision to assign an employee to organize and monitor safe distances at the headquarters of the committees, and sterilization will take place before the start of polling on the first day and during the rest hour (legally determined) and after the end of the first day From voting, and the same procedures on the second day, as well as providing masks in front of polling stations for those who do not carry them so that they can participate and vote in the elections.

The authority also designated an employee in each sub-committee to identify the voter because of wearing masks. The authority’s decisions related to preventive measures came after studying various foreign experiences to conduct the election process, in light of the spread of the new Corona virus pandemic, to obtain the best experience in order to set the necessary controls and standards to conduct the constitutional entitlement.

It is noteworthy that the voting of Egyptians abroad ends today at exactly nine oclock in the evening according to the local time for each country out of 124 countries with 141 electoral committees that take place via express mail, while the voting process of Egyptians inside continues over a period of two days also from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, provided that the results are announced The first round is no later than August 19.

The run-off will take place on September 6 and 7 for Egyptians abroad, and on September 8 and 9 for Egyptians inside, provided that the date for the final announcement of the elections and their publication is no later than Wednesday, September 16.

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