Our brain has a right to us .. Learn the most important tricks to improve brain health


The Spanish magazine “Pesclucia Ie Mente” published a report in which she talked about a series of tips and tricks that help us to promote brain health.

Promote brain health

In a report, the magazine said that the human brain is a living organ in which much-needed phenomena occur and govern our daily life. If we make a metaphor with the computing world, we can say that the human brain is the central processing unit that monitors and controls all the operations of computers, our bodies, including mental and physiological processes, as well as neurochemicals.

The brain is the executive organ that allows us to live, think, move and perceive through the senses and do any activity in our daily lives.

Within this framework, there are a number of tricks and techniques to make the human brain faster and more productive,

Unfortunately, we don’t pay much attention to the agility with which our neurons interact, and we repeat habits that negatively affect the health of our minds.

stop smoking

Smoking completely destroys the human body, but in relation to the brain, the damages of cigarette smoking are very serious. This explains the fact that smoking increases the risk of dementia in old age, and the higher the daily intake, the greater the risk.

Communicate with others

It is imperative that we develop our personal relationships in terms of quantity and quality to encourage our minds to explore new topics and enhance our creativity, which helps us open up to new experiences. Therefore, all of these factors converge to give the human mind greater ability to process information and learn new things.

Positive thinking

The psychological phenomenon called the Aesthetic Effect asserts that if we suggest that we will be able to achieve our goals and objectives, then we will fulfill our desires. On the contrary, these people who firmly believe that they can not succeed in any project, are very difficult to implement.

Rest and sleep enough

The human brain did not rest even when we were sleeping.

Therefore, dreams are a reflection of the brain’s work to process and store everything we learn on a daily basis in rest hours, cognitive information is incorporated into the brain, and if we do not sleep, it is automatically canceled.


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