People gather at the lake ferryboat sinking site, waiting for the missing to appear


08:26 AM

Thursday 13 August 2020

Beheira – Ahmed Nasra:

Dozens of residents of villages on both banks of Al-Rayyah Al-Buhairi gathered in the vicinity of the submerged ferryboat in the area of ​​Kom Hamada Center, in Al-Buhaira Governorate, to participate in the search for the missing and to follow up the search operations.

The village of Dimashli, affiliated to the Kom Hamada Center, witnessed the sinking of a ferryboat carrying two cars at dawn on Thursday.

The people of the region succeeded in pulling out and rescuing 3 people, and a search is underway for a number of missing persons, according to eyewitnesses, on board the ferryboat.

An eyewitness said that there are about 7 people missing in the accident who took the ferryboat upon their return from Farah, and that they were likely to be Al-Farah’s cook and his crew, due to the presence of cooking tools on board a sunken car.

The river rescue and civil protection forces in the lake continue their efforts to rescue the victims of the sinking of a Nile ferryboat by the lake winds, search for the rest of the missing and recover the two cars.

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