“Pessimistic” medical warning: Upcoming vaccine will not end Coronas crisis


According to the “Washington Post”, countries look with great confidence to an issue The vaccine, Which may lead to unrealistic perceptions of how the world will return to normalcy.

According to a report by the American newspaper, these misconceptions about the vaccine may hinder the health measures taken to curb the spread of Infection Short term.

Last week, two vaccines entered the final stage of human trials, which prompted a number of countries to be optimistic about a recession. The epidemic.

And last July, health experts expected in testimonies to the US Congress that the vaccine might be available by October, or that it would be available before the end of this year, but other specialists believe that this achievement will not be sufficient to reduce the spread of the disease.

The “Washington Post” quoted the researcher at Infectious diseases And immunology Harvard UniversityYonatan Grad said that the upcoming vaccine will not be a push of a button and then the health crisis ends, that is, getting rid of masks and all other preventive measures.

Grad added: “The development of the vaccine will be a start, not an end, because vaccination requires a number of stages such as distribution, supply networks, people’s trust and cooperation between countries, and therefore, there will be a need for months and perhaps long years for everyone to receive the dose and our world to be safe.”

Experts say that those who will receive a dose of the vaccine will not be immediately immune to infection With the emerging corona virus, Because a device Immunity In humans it takes several weeks to collect Antibodies Required to combat the disease.

In some pollination techniques, the body is supplied with two doses separated by a period of time, and this means that the vaccine is not a matter of passing seconds, as we believe, and then protection is obtained.

Moreover, the immunity from the vaccine may be short-term or partial and not fully protected, which will force people to re-pollinate from time to time, or to continue social spacing and wearing masks, even after taking the dose.

In the event that the vaccine is not very effective in protecting some groups of people, they will continue to contract the disease despite the success of the vaccine, but wrong opinions will be promoted about it, and the belief that it is not beneficial will prevail, and people who really need it may leave it.

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