President Al-Sisi warned him … Saudi Arabia has revealed a spreading disease that is a major cause of corona infection


The General Secretariat of the Saudi Health Council, in cooperation with the World Bank, conducted an extensive global study to find out “the effect of obesity on infection with a virus.” Corona“.

The Secretary-General of the Saudi Health Council, Dr. Nahar bin Muzaki Al-Azmi, said, “The study is one of the fruits of strategic scientific cooperation with the World Bank, through which the Council seeks to provide a fertile environment for the transfer of experience and knowledge through international and local experts from the health sectors represented in the Council to the sons and daughters of the homeland. Since its establishment, it has been working on issuing reports that shed light on the most important challenges facing the Saudi health system, and proposing legislation, mechanisms and systems that would overcome these obstacles.

And Dr. Al-Azmy stated that this study, which was conducted by researchers with the support of the Council, concluded that obesity increases the risk Corona infection Novelty (Covid-19), which also increases the risk of death; As a result of infection with the virus, in addition to the risks of entering the intensive care unit after contracting the disease.

He added that the research study was carried out by a team consisting of (Dr. Taghreed Al-Ghaith, Muhammad Al-Luhaidan, Dr. Christopher Herbst, and Dr. Perry Pippin) to search whether there is a relationship between obesity and infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

And after standardized scientific research, The team found many internationally published studies in this field, which prompted them to analyze the research comprehensively (Meta-analysis) To discover answers to that question – and praise be to God – they were able to answer it through four aspects, namely:

1It was found that there is a relationship between infection with the emerging corona virus disease and obesity, as obese people are 47% more likely to have the disease compared to others.

2The results indicated that obese patients are more than twice as likely to be admitted to hospital (113%).

3With regard to admission to intensive care and critical cases, it was found that obese people are 74% more likely than others to enter intensive care.

4Looking at the deaths due to the emerging corona virus, they found that obese people are 48% more obese.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Health Council recently launched a number of specialized electronic platforms to provide comprehensive interactive services on the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), in addition to an interactive map to follow up the numbers and cases of Coronavirus infection around the world, as well as an intelligent assistant to answer inquiries in different international languages. , As part of the Council’s efforts to confront the emerging Corona virus, and the need to take the necessary measures to control it and limit its spread, and to preserve the health of the citizen and resident in the Kingdom.

Earlier in 2018, President Abdel Fattah warned Sisi From obesity, a comment According to what Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced that there are about 11 million citizens suffering from diseases, after surveying about 17 million people with a comprehensive medical survey campaign to detect virus C and noncommunicable diseases, and the presence of 75% of the Egyptians surveyed, weighing above average Natural.


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