Reassure yourself .. how to make sure that you have the flu during the time of corona?


You may become anxious and anxious as soon as you feel the symptoms of the flu in a time of corona and are confused whether what you got infected with is just a regular flu or a corona virus and the symptoms of influenza are very similar to the symptoms of Corona as well as the symptoms of colds or respiratory infection, so you may not be able to distinguish between Problems yourself, and by reassuring yourself, we recognize tests that confirm that you have the influenza virus.

Missed opportunity “verty well healthIn some cases, your doctor may diagnose you with the flu based on your symptoms, whether or not someone else in your home has the flu.

Prompt diagnosis of the flu is important, as the infection can have complications, especially for some individuals, and treatments are available to reduce the duration and severity of the illness.

How is the flu diagnosed?

Your symptoms

The main difference between the common cold or upper respiratory infection and influenza is how the diseases appear while the first two types tend to start slowly and gradually over a few days..

Common symptoms of the flu include:

– Fever

Fatigue / exhaustion

– cough

– body aches

– Headache



Physical examination

Your health care provider will ask you about your symptoms and how long you have been ill to determine next steps. Your doctor will also examine your ears, nose, and throat and listen to your lungs using a stethoscope..

Tests and analyzes

There are many viruses that cause flu-like symptoms that do not respond to the antiviral drugs used to treat influenza.

Given this, your doctor may also perform a flu test in the clinic to determine if your symptoms are definitely caused by the influenza virus.

The flu test is especially useful when flu activity is low in your area but your doctor still thinks you may have it.

Rapid influenza tests can be done in the office and take about 15 minutes to get results. The test usually includes a nasal or throat culture to determine if influenza A or influenza B is present.


Influenza A and B viruses

Although flu tests can be helpful, the high rate of false negative results makes them not the best solution.

The rapid test is more accurate in infants and becomes less accurate as they get older. In people over the age of 70, the sensitivity of the test may be as low as 60%.

Other, more accurate tests can identify the influenza strain circulating in an area (such as the flu A / H1N1, Also known as “swine flu”), although it is used almost exclusively for research purposes.

These tests take longer but can help public health officials assess the severity of influenza outbreaks, determine the best treatment options, and plan future flu vaccines.


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