Risk factor .. a public health professor warns of laziness and lack of movement


Dr. Abdel-Latif Al-Murr, a professor of public health at Zagazig University, said that sport is no longer a hobby, but rather an industry, profession and something very important at the health level.

“Al-Murr” added, during a telephone interview with the “Hamza Wasl” program broadcast on the “Nile News” channel, today, Thursday, that the World Health Organization calls for walking 45 minutes a day to maintain physical and psychological fitness, and the time is increased if they want to lose weight.

And the professor of public health at Zagazig University added, that exercise has benefits in terms of physical, psychological, economic and social, stressing that exercising for more than a third of an hour makes the mood of the sports practitioner improve, releases negative energy and increases his focus, while the physical benefit is strength Muscle, heart, digestive system, increase immunity, and contributes to controlling blood pressure and cholesterol without drugs.

Al-Murr pointed out that laziness and inactivity is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, according to a study by the World Health Organization, explaining that some studies have confirmed that the dollar spent on health promotion programs, the most important of which is sport, gives 1000% interest, and this is important to boost the national economy. He praised the presidential support for health and sports, calling for the launch of these initiatives for the countryside and new cities and the creation of the infrastructure for the use of grades.


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