Russian expert: Corona vaccine may cause short-term changes in the body


The head of the Bakolev Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Russia, Leo Boqueria, confirmed that the vaccine against the Coronavirus infection that was developed in Russia may cause certain changes in the human body, but it is of a short-term nature and directed to protect the body.

The expert explained, according to a report by the Russian agency “TASS”, saying Now that the vaccine was created, many people of high standing went on their own to get vaccinated Of course, certain changes might be expected in the body but on the other hand, we made sure that these are short-term changes explaining that there is no harm in them, in addition to It aims to protect the body. “

He stressed that the issue of vaccination will be properly resolved by the Russian health care system, and according to him no one will be forced to vaccinate and pointed out that it is important to understand that after vaccination an individual can tolerate a mild form of infection and then develop protection against the virus..

And Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his daughter received the new vaccine for the emerging corona virus, and while the Russian President announced yesterday, the registration of the first vaccine against the emerging corona virus “Covid 19” in the world, indicating that Russia will soon begin producing this vaccine on a large scale..

The Russian president pointed out that the first vaccine for Covid 19 forms stable cells and immunity to antibodies and said, “I know this well, because one of my daughter got the vaccine, and by doing so, she participated in the test.”“.

He pointed out that after the first injection of the Corona vaccine, his daughter’s temperature was 38 degrees, and the next day, the temperature rose slightly from the normal rate of 37 degrees. After the second injection, he had a slight high temperature, then everything became fine, and she feels well and has a high number of antibodies..


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