Russian Health announces test results for the first Corona vaccine next Monday


The Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, announced that the data of preclinical and clinical tests for the new vaccine “Sputnik V ” Against the “Corona” virus, it will be published in the near future, saying: “Soon studies will be published, perhaps on Monday“.According to “Sputnik”.

Regarding criticism of the new vaccine, Murashko said, “The truth of these rumors is related to the need to publish additional information about the vaccine and the research that was conducted to obtain it, adding that everyone does not know that the vaccine was launched from a previous center and manufactured 6 other products with the same technology, confirming at the same time the continuation of Clinical trials of the vaccine.

The Russian Minister of Health confirmed that the vaccination campaign against the emerging coronavirus infection with the vaccine, whose registration was announced yesterday, will be voluntary for everyone, including doctors, according to the agency “Sputnik.”“.

The Russian Minister of Health told reporters, “In any case, the vaccination will be voluntary, as well as it will be provided according to the choice of the worker in the medical field,” stressing that the vaccine that Russia has succeeded in developing against the emerging corona virus has proven its effectiveness and will begin its production and use soon..

While the director of the Russian “Jamali” Research Center, Alexander Ginsburg revealed that several studies and tests will be conducted on children of different ages related to the emerging corona virus vaccine.


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