Sada Al-Balad: Sherry Hanem’s deviation journey and her daughter Emerald started with a customary marriage and ended with the practice of vice … Accused: We take sedative drugs


Investigations and confessions of the accused Shirifa Rifaat revealed her reputation Sherry Hanem And her daughter Emeralds On charges of practicing prostitution, assaulting family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, and violating the sanctity of private life, and publishing them with the intention of distributing and displaying pictures and video clips of public modesty, and announcing an invitation that includes the temptation to prostitution and draw attention to it, and one of them is accustomed to practicing prostitution, inciting others, helping them to do this and facilitating them, Their creation and management
And their use of special accounts for the information network to commit these crimes.

The beginning of the deviation

The accused, Nora Hisham Aladdin, famous for “ Emeralds With detailed confessions In case No. ۲۱۲۸ لسنة ۲۰۲۰ Nasr City misdemeanor first, where she said: “What happened if I lived with my father and my mother and in the year 2005 my father
My mother separated and went to live with my mother in Amara by selling my grandmother in Nasr City and my mother was in trouble between her and my uncle, and my grandmother wrote him every thing in his name, buying and selling, and when I came, my father used to sell me money, and that was what we used to live with.

She married customary to spend on herself

وفتعت Emeralds I fell in high school, my father refused my money, and my father refused again, and my father designed that I would run the private school and go to an experimental school because I could not bear the costs of my education, and my mother and I refused this, and I got out of the school and did not complete my studies, and from her hour my mother did not have money and took from her sisters and went to work which means Something needed that happened between her and her sisters, because I decided to marry my soul so that I could spend on myself.

و .ضافت EmeraldsI got married for about a year and stipulated a customary passport for a period of 10 days, and because we did not have money, I met one who is married, and I will have my hand and my dowry is 80 thousand pounds. After 10 days, I felt that I did not want to complete, so I told him to separate, and of course my mother was aware and knew of the permissibility because we wanted any money .

Sex videos

And Nora continued the famous “Emerald”, I was selling videos and pictures of Lea on WhatsApp and people followed me money, and other people could not follow, and after that we stayed doing videos on YouTube I and my mother and ascending the videos of the views I said, and discussing with us money and we will build the apartment of the land of golf, and our spirit we rent Apartments today or we spend a night in any hotel, to some extent, we were arrested from a hotel in Heliopolis. We were sitting and we met an officer who thwarted and said that they were of manners and wanted
Capture us.

I have circumstances

Emerald commented on messages between her and her mother about a person called KM, and said: This message was between me and her so that she would know what I was doing, and the person was one I was meeting with and she wanted to know I was taking the cam, and the person was I knew that I would stay in it Sexual relationship and I spent with him one night and hands me money.

And frankly, I was laughing at him, and when I went, I protested that I had circumstances and took 4 thousand pounds and walked and worked for him in a block, and I was telling my mother that in people on Instagram I wanted to meet me and be in a sexual relationship, and we would agree on how to meet them and walk without what happens to a full relationship.

And Zumrda added, “Most of my relationships did not happen to me, when I was staying with people in their cars and getting a sexual relationship, but it is not complete and I take the money and I walk, and whatever role it says is that I protested to escape from the full sexual relationship.”

Zumurdah continued, about a conversation that included sexual suggestions between her and her mother, that she was in a car with a person called A and her mother spoke to ask her about her location and take a cam, and actually I went down with him in Arabic and we worked in a relationship, but it was not complete and I took the money and walked.

Furnished apartments and hotels

Nora, famously known as “Emerald”, confirmed: We used to spend money on renting apartments and living in another money, noting that “I was once strangled in money and got to know a person named GTA,” and told him: “Your brother told him the apartment in Zamalek, and he went and took 4,000 pounds, and another one named P I toured the apartment of Ard El-Golf, and we worked in a sexual relationship, but we continued, walked, and convicted two thousand poundsMama Malhash is an invitation on the topic of sexual relations, I was the one who was doing her work and answering money.

We take tranquilizers

The defendant, Sharifa Refaat Abd al-Muttalib Atwa, 41, famous for “Sherry Hanem”, said Her confessions confirmed that she was taking tranquilizers for her and her daughter.

Sharifa, famous for “Sherry Hanem,” said about a conversation on WhatsApp installed on her phone that included “an audio message that read – I say it is sweet and loyal,” and Sharifa replied with a voice message that read “Bravo, I have a lot with you. He will pay as much, so if he supplies it You have the money, and I think I have not been less than two thousand pounds. And Vodafone Cash is necessary
With you, “I do not think. I said this, and not because I was the last time that I was taking soothing medications for me and Nora.

The suspect, Sherry Hanem, added, in her confessions, we sold the mobile, and I do not know the SIM, so where is it? Sherry Hanem continued, the letters between me and my daughter, and that there was agreement to establish Sexual relations with men for a financial fee, I do not think of it, and I do not think if this talk was done We showed that because it was too late, we were in poor psychological conditions, and I was taking tranquilizers

Sherry Hanem confirmed: I do not know my daughter, her words were spoken to him, and I do not know anything about the accusations that I am accused of. Available to all anti-IT crime law.

Sherry Hanem denied that she published advertisements, symbolic references, and a disgraceful photo record
Public, or the announcement of an invitation that includes the temptation to prostitution and attract attention.

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