Saudi Health reassures citizens and clarifies the path of “Corona” in the fall and winter


The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, confirmed, during the briefing on the developments of the “Covid-19” virus in the cities and governorates of the Kingdom, that the precautionary measures to be taken in the face of the Corona virus are the same in the autumn and winter seasons without any change.

Where Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Alai stressed in the press conference on the developments of the Corona virus on the necessity of greater commitment to the precautionary measures during these two seasons, and the Saudi health spokesman indicated during the media briefing that there are other viruses that are more active in the fall and winter seasons in particular.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Alaili stressed that wearing a mask is not the only way to prevent it, as it is necessary to wash hands and maintain hygiene and social distancing.

These statements came in response to an inquiry that came in a Saudi tweet on the social networking site “Twitter” inquiring about the existence of special preparations and specific protocols for the winter and fall seasons.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali emphasized the necessity of obtaining the necessary medicines in the face of the various viruses that are widespread in the fall and winter seasons.

The spokesman also stressed that it is illogical to compare the common cold and the Corona virus, otherwise we would not have seen all these great preparations at the global level to confront the epidemic virus and the interaction of major countries and global health organizations did not come out of nowhere, and it was announced in a related context, as the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that it had registered The highest recovery rate for the Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, as it exceeded 88%, and recovery cases increased in the Kingdom after 3124 new cases of recovery from the Corona virus were recorded during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of recoveries to 260,393 cases.


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