Schubert: Ramadan Sobhy rejected an offer that exceeded 100 million pounds from an Egyptian club


The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed that Ramadan Sobhy, the English Huddersfield playmaker loaned to the Al-Ahly club, refused an offer during the last period from an Egyptian club that exceeded one hundred million pounds, and Schubert wrote through his personal account on Twitter, “The story from the end is that an Egyptian club, not Pyramids, made an offer. “He exceeded 100 million pounds to join Ramadan. The player refused and said in Egypt, Either Al-Ahly, or not, but not. It’s salvation.”

“It is not my nature, I comment on your honorable comments, but dear colleague Khaled Al-Ghandour is in the plight of a real disease, and it needs supplication from everyone. This is not my family’s time, nor Zamalek. This is the time to pray with a healthy heart,” Schubert added, speaking about Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former star of Zamalek. “.


Al-Ahly club officials are monitoring the offers that arrived during the last period for Ramadan Sobhi, the player on loan from Huddersfield, England, after the past days witnessed several offers that expressed their desire to include the player whose fate is still suspended, and Al-Ahly placed these offers under the “microscope” and monitored her actions and contacts to kidnap the player. In light of the red desire to keep Ramadan Sobhi, Al-Ahly’s follow-up of these offers comes after he learned of the Red Castle administration that clubs in Europe want to buy the player, but their financial offer is not large, and there is an offer from Pyramido alongside another Egyptian offer that may enter into the deal to spoil Al-Ahly’s attempts Just keep the player.

The past hours witnessed a “breakthrough” in the Ramadan Sobhi deal with Al-Ahly, after the intense contacts between the management of the Red Castle and its counterpart at Huddersfield Club, and also with the player who seems not to have decided his position on whether to stay or leave, and his position changes from day to day, but from an hour For another, and in this regard, the “seventh day” learned that Al-Ahly’s attempts to keep Ramadan Sobhy close to success, in light of the financial compatibility between the Red Castle and the English club, and the player’s welcome to stay with Al-Ahly during the past hours.

future Ramadan Sobhi In Al-Ahly, it has become one of the most important issues that occupy the Al-Ahly Council headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and the latter tasked Amir Tawfiq, the club’s contracting director, to intensify negotiations with Huddersfield to buy the player permanently during the current days so that Al-Ahly can benefit from the player’s efforts in the coming period, after Huddersfield refused to share Ramadan with Al-Ahly, locally or in Africa, except after the final purchase of the deal was settled, after the player’s loan to Al-Ahly ended on June 30th.

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