Sci-fi movies aren’t popular


  • Tariq Al-Shenawi: The washing machine is an idea looking for a movie
  • Mahmoud Qasim: The owner of the maqam is a professionally made movie

The cinema scene witnesses this season, the first movie “Owner of the Maqam” and “washing machine” being shown exclusively on the Shahid platform, while the second one is presented separately in theaters, in light of the recession witnessed by the scene due to the spread of the new Corona virus and the Prime Minister’s decision to open cinema with a occupancy rate of 25%.

In the following report we note some critics’ opinions on the two films.

Critic Tariq Al-Shennawi revealed his opinion in the movie “Sahib Al-Maqam”, which is shown exclusively on the stage of Shahid in the Eid al-Adha cinema season.

Tariq Al-Shennawi said: “The movie of the maqam is crafted with great craftsmanship, and all the heroes and those working on it deserve salutations to present a good work at a time when the good deeds have decreased.”

Al-Shennawi added: “The film presents a polemical idea at the intellectual and dramatic level … This is healthy and desirable, especially the mystical side that the artwork covers.”

El-Shennawy explained that the most negative thing is that the film was shown on a computer screen via an electronic platform, which negatively affected work as a movie, saying: I see that theaters are the spirit of cinema and the computer screen assassinates this spirit.

While Tariq Al-Shennawi saw that the movie washer is an idea that searches for a movie. In a clearer sense, the work lacks imagination in writing and all elements of the work.

He added: I see that the idea was good, but its implementation was not at the good level and it lacked a lot of imagination, especially since working with it more than a time to move to work, but the work team was unable to implement and translate it into a good cinematic work.

As for the critic Mahmoud Qassem, he sees that the movie “The Washing Machine” is one of the films that were not implemented well, especially that the science fiction cinema presented in Egypt is not well-made and we could not carry out this type of work, which requires human and material resources in order to appear as required, as well as The Egyptian public does not accept these films.

Qasim added: The film lacks many details, especially as it needs more imagination at the level of writing first, then implementation in terms of directing, photography and clothing.

While Qassem said about the movie “His Maqam” that the work is well done and written literally as well as the representative performance of the film’s heroes who presented a different performance and a work that respects the viewer’s mentality and perhaps the most prominent of them is Yosra.

He explained that the work created a state of intellectual and dramatic debate in a mystical framework about a young man trying to draw closer to God.


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