Scientists identify signs of permanent immunity against Corona


Scientists have discovered signs indicating the presence of strong and lasting immunity in people who have had a mild disease from the Corona virus, Covid 19, and a number of studies have revealed that antibodies and immune cells capable of fighting the virus are present in people who have had Corona in the past, which leads to avoiding the possibility of re-infection .

According to the Medi-Cal website, scientists have shown that Corona virus infection can provide long-term immunity to those who have already been infected.

Signs of long-lasting and permanent immunity to Corona

The first study, entitled “Evidence for continuous mucosal and systemic responses to anti-corona virus, in Covid 19 patients at the University of Toronto, Canada, showed that the antibody responses to corona were detected in the blood and saliva of those who were infected with the virus compared to others.”


To arrive at their findings, the Canadian research team developed enzyme-linked immunoassays to detect the presence of immunoglobulin. A (IgA) And immune antibodies B (IgB) The spike protein found in the Corona virus in the blood and saliva of patients with severe cases and in the recovery period who were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The team also found that the antibodies were found at peak levels IgG Achieved within 16 to 30 days after the onset of symptoms.

Moreover the antibodies are degraded Age Fast, but antibody IgG It persisted and remained stable up to 115 days after symptoms appeared in both blood and saliva samples.

The team said: “Most importantly, the antibody responses IgG In saliva and serum were interconnected, indicating that the antibodies in saliva may act as a proxy measure of systemic immunity.


They added: “Our findings are that a response IgG Corona antigens are stable over a period of 3 months, consistent with two other studies that also indicated robustness in the antibody response to Corona.

The team concluded that the study provides evidence for an antibody response IgG The new Corona virus continues in saliva and blood.

Immunity and mild symptoms of corona

Another study published in medRxiv, A team of researchers revealed that the functional immune memory of SARS-CoV-2 It persists even after infection with a virus COVID-19 The light.

In the study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington in the United States, the team performed a longitudinal evaluation of people who had recovered from an infection. COVID-19 Light to determine whether they develop and maintain immunity to the virus.

The researchers found that those who recovered from the Corona infection developed antibodies IgG Specific and equivalent plasma, in addition to immune memory cells B And T Of viruses that persisted and even increased in number over three months after symptoms appeared.

Coronavirus Vaccine

Moreover, the memory lymphocytes of corona in the body’s immune system have shown properties associated with strong antiviral immunity.

“The memory T cells secrete and expand upon re-encountering the antibody, while the memory cells cross over,” the researchers wrote in the paper. B For receptors capable of neutralizing the virus when expressed as antibodies. “

They added: “These results show that mild symptoms of corona stimulate lymphocytes in memory that persist and display functional features associated with protective antiviral immunity.”


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