Shock for Corona patients … Beware, this sign indicates blood clots


A new report suggests that patients facing severe “Covid-19” may have rashes and lesions that indicate underlying blood clots.

In the research paper, published in JAMA Dermatology last Wednesday, researchers describe four patients from New York City who were diagnosed with severe coronavirus and had skin complications.

The researchers pointed out that all the lesions called “Retiform purpura”, discoloration of the skin, and sometimes cracked skin on the extremities, or other skin lesions, caused by the leakage of red blood cells into the skin, according to researchers from New York, from Weill Cornell Medical College.

These complications, the researchers write, are “characteristic features” of cutaneous blood clots. In fact, although all of the patients received treatment to help prevent blood clots upon admission to the hospital, they all had clots in their skin and it was believed that they had a pulmonary embolism or a blockage in an artery in the lung.

It is unclear whether the patients have been discharged or not.

Researchers were unable to determine exactly when the rash first appeared and did not use the type of imaging they desired in order to avoid exposing employees to infection.

The results of the study provide health care professionals with a reason to take the skin manifestations as a possible sign of abnormal underlying blood clots, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism and other fatal complications.

The list of Coronavirus symptoms continues to grow, and this research paper is not the first of its kind indicating that the coronavirus may cause complications in the skin, as patients have reported “Covid fingers”, or swollen purple fingers that resemble frostbite.

And in the Facebook group for patients and survivors of the Coronavirus, people reported fluid-filled blisters, whole-body rashes and hives, red and purple spots, burnt patches of skin, chickenpox such as bumps and more.

In some of these cases, the skin changes may be caused by blood clotting in the small blood vessels in the skin.

And the skin is just one of the organs that can become filled with blood clots, and it is a common denominator between some of the most serious and incomprehensible symptoms of the Corona virus.

In fact, a New York University pathologist said that blood clots were found in “nearly every organ” of autopsies on corona virus patients.

Skin abnormalities are among the growing list of non-respiratory pathways in which the Coronavirus appears to appear.

Doctors are increasingly aware that the coronavirus is not just a “just” respiratory condition.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of potential symptoms grows slowly, including problems like hair loss and blocked ears, a recent survey of more than 1,500 patients found that hundreds reported other complications ranging from dizziness to light flashes in vision, weight gain, and sensations. Nervousness.


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