Shocking news from the Corona Control Committee for those recovering from the virus


Dr. Jehan Al-Assal, Vice President of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona at the Ministry of Health, revealed that the only sure way to transmit the Corona virus is by spray, pointing out that it has not been proven that the Coronavirus is transmitted through food.

Al-Assal noted, during her statements to the “evening dmc” program, presented by Ramy Radwan, broadcasted on the “dmc” channel, that Corona has an effect on most body systems, and it is possible to affect the heart and digestive system.

And she continued: “It is possible for the symptoms of the Corona virus to persist on the person after recovery, it is possible to have stomach pain, headache and dizziness, or diarrhea, and it may affect the lung and may cause lung fibrosis.”

The emergence of the “Covid 19” virus and the increase in the number of infected people, which has created a state of fear and panic for some people, which negatively affected their professional and personal lives. Here are some tips to overcome this fear: –

1- Communication with relatives and friends.

2- Family rapprochement and the practice of some activities together.

3- Sleep and get rest.

4- Eat healthy food.

5- Doing sports activities.


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