Social media turns into a wall of supplication for YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi in his health crisis


There is a famous saying that says, “One of the types of livelihood is that God puts you in the heart of everyone who sees you.” This is what God has blessed you with the Youtuber Mustafa Hafnawi, who turned the walls of thousands of different social media accounts to pray for him after his recent health crisis he was exposed to and is still staying In it, in the intensive care unit, after suffering a stroke.

Thousands of leaflets have spread over the past hours demanding prayers for “Hafnawi” during his current health crisis, during which he is under close supervision in intensive care after completely losing consciousness and putting him on respirators.

Mustafa Hefnawi

The prayer campaign that took over the social media platforms began with a pamphlet from one of his friends who wrote: “My friend Mustafa Hafnawi was with us, and your eggs and behazar are normal. Suddenly he felt cramps in his stomach and pain in his right shoulder, the hospital went on his leg very normal at 1 p.m. He was reserved and was diagnosed with infection.” In the colon, Adding: “But after 6 hours, Mustafa lost consciousness and we discovered that the diagnosis was wrong and that he had a stroke. Now there was complete atrophy in the left part of his brain and there was suspicion of paraplegia, please pray for him, our Lord heal him and be patient with his family. He is in a coma until Now, our Lord conceals it to Him when He surpasses and knows, Our Lord is capable of everything and is capable of a miracle. “



Soon, social media platforms turned to prayer campaigns for the popular YouTuber, which is very popular with his personal accounts.

Among the supporters of Hafnawi in his current crisis is the star Tamer Hosni, who was keen to visit him in the hospital a short while ago, to provide moral support to his family and friends, and here Zahid and a number of artists were keen to publish pictures of Hafnawi through their various accounts to support him.


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