SpaceX succeeds in launching “Falcon-9” into space, carrying a climate watch satellite


The American company SpaceX announced the successful launch of the Falcon-9 transport missile, with the Argentine satellite on board SAOCOM To explore the Earth, and the company notes that the launch took place at 19.18 am EST (2:18 Moscow time), from Cape Canaveral Space Airport, Florida, and the company adds in its statement, that the first stage missile was used in this missile. In launching three Falcon-9 missiles, the company intends to keep them for use in launching another missile.

the moon SAOCOM 1B Produced by the Argentine Space Agency CONAE, And it is the second moon in the group SAOCOM (The first was launched in 2018), designed to monitor climatic conditions on the ground, including measuring soil moisture and collecting the necessary information for the agriculture and forestry sector in Argentina, according to Russia today.

The Falcon-9 rocket also carried two small satellites into space GNOMES 1 AndTyvak 0172.

According to SpaceX, the moon GNOMES 1 It is the first of a group of 20 satellites produced by a company PlanetiQ Americas mission is to study the effect of the atmosphere on the signals of navigation satellites: GPS وقلوناس وGalileo AndBeidou.

The company did not give any information about the moon Tyvak 0172 It only indicated that it was produced by a company Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems.

It is worth noting that SpaceX, the US space transportation company, broke its previous record By reusing missile stages when it reused the first stage of the Falcon missile for the sixth time when it launched it on August 18, 2020, at 10:31 AM ET from Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida.


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