Special .. Good news to the world .. The UAE announces that it has reached a vaccine for Corona virus


An informed source revealed good news that the United Arab Emirates The expected vaccine will be unveiled soon, confirming that it is nearing completion of its final stages and the necessary trials for it.

The source, who preferred not to be named in a special statement to Sada Al Balad, explained that the UAE has always surprised the world with its unprecedented achievements, as it works in silence and the results are usually amazing, pointing to the extraordinary achievements. Achieved by the launch of the Al-Amal probe and the Barakah nuclear plant in 2020, and the vaccine is the third achievement, and she is dedicated to work And it continues its march with the arms of its loyal sons despite the oppressive conditions that have clouded the world.

The source pointed out that this achievement is not only for the Emirates, but also a pride for all Arabs, and we do not forget the preference of the old Arabs in all fields over the Western countries who illuminated with their knowledge the dark ages, stressing that the Arabs are regaining their glory again.


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