Stomach and acidity ulcers .. 10 health damage to coffee on an empty stomach


Everyone used to have a coffee On a daily basis, but some eat it on an empty stomach, which is an unhealthy habit and causes stomach problems. Doctors usually advise you to drink coffee after breakfast while drinking plenty of water. Read also

1- It causes acidity due to antioxidants

2- It causes heartburn

3- It negatively affects the health of the heart and blood vessels when consumed on an empty stomach

4- Stimulates bowel movement and digestive contractions

5- It may cause diarrhea

6- It causes the secretion of hydraulic acid that affects the stomach wall

7- It may cause stomach ulcers

8- It causes indigestion as a result of acids secreted by the stomach due to antioxidants

9- Having coffee on an empty stomach causes diuresis

10- It causes reflux in the esophagus.


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