Stomach ulcers, and I cannot open the door … The artist Karim Sorour is complaining about


5:01 PM

Monday 17 August 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jyoushi:

Artist Karim Sorour revealed that he had suffered a health crisis during the last period.

And “Karim” wrote through his official account on Facebook: “I am like this for 4 days. Literally, I cannot move. Even if I go to the bathroom, this remains a miracle from our Lord, and I go to the apartment door because of the delivery to the pharmacy or restaurant when it comes to me, because I cannot really open the door.” “.

He continued: “The important thing is that I downloaded my story for the many treatments and syringes I take and wrote that I am very tired and most of my friends know that I live alone. The whole comedy remains that I have just 3 calls from people who are my friends, of course, but not close and we meet every long time.”

And he continued: “Galle Cam is packed like that of the type of owner, a son in it, eh, and we don’t consider the irrigation tops in the dress, because we will consider it just a comment like that, and I don’t think the coments. And the people at that time were all interested in Ui Pia, the pride of the group remained. “

He added: “With time, ripples and rise and fall occur, which bothered me very very much. Among the 3400 people who saw the Asturian, there are 3 calls and no people are close at all, which is the idea that even those close to you will love you based on your current activity, not yours.”

He continued: “This situation is generally a lot of me because of stomach ulcers, and the colon hits too much, and it takes about 5 days completely without movement until the bowel movement is stabilized and I start moving, because any movement is very painful as if you cut your body and guts from its face and it becomes terrible pain as you can hear The sound of my cries if you were one of my dear neighbors, for example 5 blocks away. “

And he continued, “I say this while I was crying out for two hours, trying to enter the kitchen to warm up vegetable soup and answer water for the treatment, and I was not able, and my temperature was very high, so the issue is like dementia, but I felt that I did not really have the ability to resist, and I wanted to give it a little.”

He concluded the post, saying: “If your right to me assured you, and if I did not part with you, then it would have been expected from the first, and I would be very good, and I would be very good, and I would easily regain my activity and vitality.”

In another publication, he wrote: “Very, very sick,” and comments poured in from his fellow art stars, wishing him a recovery.

It is noteworthy that Karim Sorour’s latest work is the series “Eyewitness”, which was shown last Ramadan, starring Hassan Al-Raddad, Hana Shiha, Basma, Walid Fawaz.



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