Strange reasons behind poor eyesight and blurry vision … Get to know them


Do you suffer from blurry vision or trouble seeing distant objects? Do you feel stress in your eyes when working at the computer? Do you get headaches often? These are some indications that your eyes are weak, and earlier, people were losing their eyesight as they age, but nowadays, teens complain of blurry vision, and this is a warning sign that we should not ignore.

According to the report by “onlymyhealth” we show some strange causes of poor vision.

Take acne medication

If you are receiving acne medication, you may have to deal with vision-related problems.

Acne medication contains isotretinoin which has many side effects, and as a result, a person may experience problems such as dry eyes, pink eyes or conjunctivitis during the course of treatment, apart from this, consuming this drug may cause miscarriage in pregnant women.

Not eating sour foods

Vitamin C is one of the vital vitamins that the body needs, and you must have understood the importance of vitamin C by now during this pandemic situation.

Sour foods like tomatoes, lemons, mangoes, oranges, Indian gooseberries, strawberries, etc., contain a lot of vitamin C. A deficiency of vitamin C causes free radical damage which damages your eyesight as well.

Reading a lot

If you study for a long time but do not take some necessary actions to relax the eyes, this may also make your eyes worse, as too much reading without relaxation is harmful to the eyes.

You should do eye exercises other than blinking while reading. Resting the eyes by stopping for two minutes every 20-30 minutes when studying continuously. If you study continuously for hours, wash your eyes with cold water or put ice on your eyes to relax them. This will give eye relief and the eyes will be good for a long time.

Excessive mobile phone use

If you use screen gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, televisions, computers, etc. excessively, your eyes may weaken over time, as blue light is used in most digital screens, which has a bad effect on your eyes, and faces people who spend more than an hour to Two hours a day on a mobile phone. More problems are weak eyes.

Play less outside the home in childhood

If you stayed home too long as a child, you may be at risk of poor eyesight, as children these days do not participate in outdoor activities that negatively affect their health, as they not only suffer from vitamin D deficiency but also develop eye problems. Parents should encourage their children to play outdoors.


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