Strong response from Schubert to Mido regarding the late Mohamed Abdel Wahab


Journalist Ahmed Schubert responded to statements Ahmed Hossam Mido The former star of Zamalek, regarding the latter’s statements about the late Red Castle player, Mohamed Abdel Wahab.
Mido had criticized the phenomenon of uninsured players in Egypt, which caused the suffering of a large number of players, most notably Moamen Zakaria is a player Ahly Who suffers from a chronic injury at the moment that has left him out of action for a long time.

Mido said in his statements on the Awdat al-Dress program that he presents on Al-Nahar TV: “Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, the former star of Al-Ahly, has died and his family has not been compensated with a pound. The clubs must activate the insurance clause, and the Egyptian Football Association must confirm this.” Laird Schubert on this matter, saying: “With all my respect to Mido, the truth is that the Al-Ahly club spent the full value of the late Mohamed Abdel-Wahab’s contract with his family after his death, and his brother was appointed to the Al-Ahly club.”


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