“Suicide and its motives.” The second workshop of Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa in the Field of Mental Health


Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa continues its training program in the field of mental illness and its effects on jurisprudence rulings, and the center held its second workshop in this regard, in which Dr. Muhammad Al Mahdi, Professor of Psychiatry at Al-Azhar University, lectured.
The workshop dealt with several axes, the most prominent of which were: types of depression, its manifestations, and how a fatwa member deals with a respondent suffering from it.
It also dealt with the phenomenon of suicide, its causes and motives, the role of faith in overcoming it, and how the Mufti, with his scientific and cognitive tools, can prevent a person who has the idea of ​​suicide from embarking on it!
Al-Mahdi presented statistics that show the great role of religion in confronting such phenomena. It showed that the highest suicide rates around the world were among non-believers, and that the lowest rates were among those who believed in the religion of Islam.
At the end of the workshop, an open discussion took place between the lecturer and members of the center about the phenomenon of suicide and the best ways to reduce it.


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