The attending physician of Moamen Zakaria reveals the developments in his health condition


Mahmoud Hamida, professor of neurology at Ain Shams University, the treating physician for Al-Ahly player Moamen Zakaria, said that ALS affects about 5,000 cases annually worldwide. “Hamida” added, in a telephone interview with the media, Azza Mustafa, presenter of the “Tahrir Hall” program, broadcast on “Echo Al Balad” channel, “The difficulty of this disease lies in the absence of a certain reason for infection.”And the doctor treating Al-Ahly player Moamen Zakaria added: “Lateral sclerosis is an uncommon disease in the world. It affects the motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, and it leads to muscle atrophy.”

He stressed that “research has shown that immune defects may be a cause of disease, in addition to genetic causes.”

ALS is a disease that affects the motor neurons. These nerve cells send messages from your brain to your spinal cord and then to your muscles, and it’s a progressive disease, which means that it gets worse over time.

It affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord that control your muscles, and when your muscles weaken, it becomes difficult for you to walk, talk, eat and breathe.

According to the medical site “webmd”, when you have ALS, the motor neurons in your brain and spinal cord disintegrate.

When this happens, your brain cannot send messages to your muscles anymore, because the muscles don’t get any signals, they become very weak, and this is called atrophy, and over time, the muscles stop working and lose control of their movement.


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