The “Ballet” application provides online medical consultations for health insurance beneficiaries


The state provides many services to citizens in general and to beneficiaries of health insurance in particular, and today the state launched a new electronic system to help citizens inquire about the places of health insurance beneficiaries and what services are provided by these places to citizens all of this and more through the click of a button, as the Ministry of Insurance said In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, in light of the directions of the President of the Republic to provide all possible services to citizens in an easy and easy way.

Full details of pallet health insurances and services for citizens:

Today, the Port Said Health Care Authority provided individuals registered with it in the comprehensive health insurance system with a clear service that was launched under the slogan “Ballet”, which is a smart application for modern mobile phones that is downloaded and logged in to it.

This big step came within the framework of a tripartite cooperation protocol between the Public Health Care Authority, Cleopatra Group of Hospitals and the Al-Ballato Medical Services Company, which aims to provide health insurance services to its beneficiaries through an easy-to-use application.

Al-Balletu application works as a communication platform between patients, doctors, consultants and specialists in many different medical specialties in both Arabic and English. Today, Dr. Radwa Imam, Director of the Awareness and Media Unit of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project system revealed that this service will be available for application in Port Said Governorate, starting from the date of 20 This August, and in the near future it will be available in Luxor Governorate.

The services on this application vary between family medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, nutrition, cardiology, children, dermatology and women, in cooperation with about 93 doctors, and she also added that the electronic service will be available 24 hours a day, and in the event of an injury or case for the necessary examination, an appointment will be set at the nearest hospitals to which the citizen belongs The patient is contacted through his phone number.


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