The CDC excludes those without symptoms from getting a corona test


Edit US Center for Disease Control “CDC“Corona virus test guidelines yesterday and excluded people without symptoms from taking the test, and the center said that people who were exposed to a person infected with Coronavirus but without symptoms are no longer encouraged to undergo a Corona virus test.

The CDC said (CDC) That any person who has been within six feet “2 meters” of a person with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes, or in a high transmission area of ​​Coronavirus and attended public or private gatherings of more than 10 people without a wide physical distance and wearing a mask, is not required To test the virus unless it is in a community at risk, according to the Insider site.

As a warning, the newly released guidelines also state: “It is important to realize that you can catch and spread the virus but feel healthy and have no symptoms.”

Experts told the New York Times that they were concerned about the revision in guidelines CDC Because it is important to identify infection before symptoms appear as it is when people are most contagious.


The World Health Organization said last week that the virus is spreading mainly by young people who are unaware that they are infected.

“The epidemic is changing,” Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, told Reuters in a hypothetical statement.

He explained: “People in their twenties, thirties and forties of age are increasingly leading to the spread of the disease … Not many people realize that they are infected. This increases the risk of transmission to the most vulnerable groups.”

In July, the CDC itself estimated that 40% of those infected with MMR were infected with HIV COVID-19 Asymptomatically, the center said that the chance of transmitting the infection from those without symptoms was 75%.

“This is potentially dangerous,” Dr. Crotica Copale, an infectious disease physician in Palo Alto, California, told The Times.

Copali added that limiting testing to those who have symptoms means “you are not looking for a lot of people who might be potential spreaders of disease.”


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