The director of the Research Center for the Development of the Russian Corona Vaccine announces that he has used the drug 5 months ago


The director of the Russian “Jamali” Center, the developer of the Corona Vaccine Research, Alexander Gentzberg announced that he had been vaccinated during the past five months with the vaccine, saying: “I guarantee that I feel better,” according to a report by the agency, “Sputnik”, and Russia continues its experiments on the first vaccine for the Corona virus after the President announced Vladimir Putin reported the registration of the first vaccine on Tuesday, while studies and trials were conducted on adults only, specific age groups of children, adolescents and the elderly were not reached..

The director of the Russian “Jamali” Research Center, Alexander Gentesberg, revealed that several studies and tests have been conducted on children of different ages related to the emerging corona virus vaccine, which Russia announced yesterday the first vaccine against the Corona epidemic in the world. According to the Russian agency “Sputnik”, the director of the research center confirmed that after innovation The vaccine There are additional tests for a period ranging between three or five months according to the medical protocol of the laboratories, where the vaccine and its effect will be monitored on children of all ages, from newborns to 16-year-olds.“.

Gentsburg stressed that the search for a new vaccine can not start in children until after the completion of the study of these drugs and their effect on adults, and the director of the Research Center indicated that the tests on the vaccine are still continuing in order to develop and activate it more and more so that its result is positive.


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