The discovery of a vitamin prevents the reproduction of the Corona virus


6:36 PM

Friday 28 August 2020


Scientists from Manipal Academy of Higher Education and the Regional Center for Biotechnology in India have discovered that vitamin B12 can prevent the reproduction of the Corona virus.

Experts conducted computer simulations in order to identify the molecules from among natural products and drugs that can suppress protein subunits called “nsp12”, which are located in the genome of the “SARS-Cove 2” virus responsible for the reproduction of the virus, according to what “Russia Today” quoted from “IUBMB magazine” Life “.

The statement said, “This substance (vitamin B12) can be described as a preventive agent for certain groups, such as medical workers, the elderly, or those suffering from co-morbidities, to reduce the possibility of infection and provide emergency care in hospital.”

However, the scientists note that in order to adjust treatment protocols for patients with “Covid-19”, a number of additional studies are needed.

In a related context, Canadian scientists revealed the strange effect of a drug used to treat viral peritonitis in cats. The drug can inhibit the action of a key enzyme in the emerging corona virus.


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