The Egyptian Minister of Health talks about a chronic disease that causes death if infected with the Coronavirus




The Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, said that the liver is the most chronic disease that exposes its owner to death if he is infected with the Coronavirus.

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Egyptian Minister of Health: The use of plasma in the treatment of Corona virus is very effective

Zayed emphasized that the epidemiological and health situation of the Egyptian state is related to tourism and all commercial and tourism activities, which will only return with a decrease in infections, saying: “They will not return and continue except with a decrease in the rates of infection with Coronavirus.”

It called on citizens to adhere to all preventive measures, wear medical masks to prevent corona, wash hands with disinfectants, and stay away from gatherings and closed places.

The Minister of Health indicated that the presidential program for the detection of chronic diseases has been attended by more than 3.5 million citizens, and a total of 2 million have already received treatment for this initiative.

Source: Egyptian media


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