The emergence of a new virus, more deadly than Corona


At a time when health experts called on countries of the world to prepare for a new wave of the Corona virus in the fall, Chinese reports revealed the emergence of a new virus in Kazakhstan that may cause more deaths than Corona, according to a report from the American “Genius Boy Report” website.

According to Al-Hurra, the site confirmed that health reports from China had warned of an unknown pneumonia that had begun to spread in neighboring Kazakhstan, and its cases were increasing rapidly.

According to the report, the source of these data is health officials in China, and although Kazakhstan officials denied the matter, China did not back down and warned that its neighbor is dealing with something very dangerous.

After the closure in mid-March due to the Corona pandemic, Kazakhstan reopened the country, but the rate of Corona infection began to rise again.

It is not clear yet if there is a new virus hitting the country, but the authorities in Kazakhstan announced record numbers of Corona infections, and officials reported nearly 2,000 new infections in one day, which is a record for the country.

The report indicated that Kazakhstan officials noticed a significant increase in the incidence of pneumonia in the country.

It is reported that the Corona virus began in China as an unknown pneumonia before it was announced as a new virus.


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