The FDA approves the use of the drug “remdesivir” for all cases of coronavirus


FDA approved FDA On the use of remdesivir remdesivirVekluryFor emergency use USA For the treatment of patients with moderate corona virus, in addition to severe cases, to include treatment of all adult patients, children, who are suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus, and in laboratory confirmed cases of Corona virus COVID-19Regardless of the severity of the disease, its use has been expanded in moderate cases, in addition to its use in severe cases.

The US Food and Drug Administration approves the use of remdesivir in mild cases

The site said FDA It is in May 2020, the US body releasedFDA Consent for emergency use USA To treat Coronavirus in severe cases of the disease, as it has allowed treatment of adult and pediatric patients in the hospital with COVID-19 Severe, as noted in the first edition for emergency use, it was restricted to severely ill patients, which was defined as patients who had low oxygen levels in the blood, or required oxygen therapy, or more intense breathing support such as a respirator. Industrial.

She added that yesterday, based on the authority’s continuous review of emergency use, including its review of all scientific information now available, the authority decided to use remdesivir in moderate cases of Corona virus, explaining that it would be effective for treating Corona virus patientsCOVID-19 Clinically suspected or laboratory-confirmed patients in all adult and pediatric patients at the hospital, the USSC review concluded that the known and potential benefits of remdesivir areVeklury The known and potential risks of these uses outweigh.

She confirmed continue FDA In providing safe and useful treatments for Coronavirus COVID-19 As soon as possible, in order to help patients, adding that the data supporting today’s procedure is encouraging, the data indicate that this treatment has the potential to help more hospital patients who suffer from the effects of this devastating virus, confirming, “We are working with drug developers to conduct Randomized clinical trials to further study the safety and efficacy of a number of potential treatments for Coronavirus COVID-19.

The organizational and scientific basis for use in emergency situations.

Under the law, the US Food and Drug Administration may FDAEmergency use authorization, as appropriate, based on additional public health considerations, such as new data, clarifying that based on the Authority’s ongoing review of the emergency use of remdesivir VekluryThe authority agreed to expand the range of authorized uses to include treatment of adult and pediatric patients in hospitals, noting that regardless of the severity of their illness, the expansion of the scope of emergency use is supported USA To include hospitalized patients infected with the Coronavirus COVID-19 Mild, or moderate, by the agency’s analysis of additional data from two randomized controlled clinical trials that included patients with mild or moderate disease.

A double randomized clinical trial, conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States, assessed how long it took people to recover from the coronavirus. COVID-19 Within 29 days of treatment, the trial looked at 1,062 hospitalized people with coronavirusCOVID-19 Light, medium and severe they received Veklury Or placebo, in addition to the standard of care, recovery was defined as either discharge from hospital, or hospitalization but no additional oxygen required, and no longer required continuous medical care, was the average recovery time from the Coronavirus COVID-1910 Days for the group, in severe cases, who took remdesivirVeklury Compared to 15 days for the placebo group.

For its part, Gilead revealed that the study found that patients with moderate symptoms, who were treated with the anti-viral drug for up to 5 days, had a much higher risk of improvement.

Mirdad Parsi, Gilead Chief Medical Officer, said: “Gilead “ It is because we are learning more about Coronavirus COVID-19 We are proving the efficacy and safety of Remedeasivir.VekluryAnd we see the benefit in making the drug available to patients in the early stages of the disease. The action taken by the US agency today enables physicians to consider a wider range of patients who are eligible to receive remdesivir “Vichlor”.


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