The first known case of Babsia infection to be discovered in England


01:01 PM

Saturday 01 August 2020

I wrote – Noor Ibrahim:

Britain has announced the discovery of the first case of infection with Babesia disease in England, a deadly virus transmitted by a tick insect, according to the British newspaper “The Independent”.

Scientists say this virus is caused by parasites first detected in ticks in 2013, and can cause a range of diseases, including Lyme disease, which causes encephalitis and nerves of the extremities.

It is reported that two people living along the southern coast of England were admitted to the hospital, and doctors confirmed that only one case was injured, and the other was suspected.

Doctors added that the risk of spreading the virus among people is very weak, but the government made sure to educate the public, so that they are aware of the disease and take precautions against ticks.

Paisia ​​is caused by parasites that infect red blood cells, a viral infection that affects the central nervous system.

As for the symptoms, most of the patients did not feel any symptoms, but people who suffer from weak immune systems show flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, muscle pain and fatigue, which can develop into a more serious second stage, and may lead to meningitis and encephalitis, in addition to Paralysis.

Doctors say the most important preventive measure is to keep away from tall grass and the use of tick repellants.

It is reported that Lyme disease is still one of the most common infections in England that is transmitted by ticks, which are more active between spring and autumn.


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