The government resolves the controversy over raising the price of bread on ration cards by 30 BC


10:21 AM

Friday 28 August 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers confirmed that the news circulating on social media sites regarding raising the price of a subsidized loaf of bread by 30 piasters is incorrect.

The center said, in its weekly report to monitor the rumors and respond to them, today, Friday, that the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has been contacted, which has denied these reports, confirming that they are not true.

The Ministry of Supply said that the subsidized loaf of bread will continue to be spent on ration cards for citizens at a price of only 5 piasters without an increase.

The ministry added that the state bears the difference in the production cost, which amounts to 50 piasters per loaf, while conducting periodic monitoring campaigns on all bakeries to ensure that the subsidized bread meets quality standards.

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