The head of the Zabaleen Syndicate: 7 thousand tons of “bone”, an increase in Eid sacrifices compared to last year, despite Corona


Shehata Al-Maqdis, head of the Zabaleen Syndicate, said that he noticed a significant increase in the total weight of the bones of sacrificial animals for Eid al-Adha this year, with an increase of about 7 thousand tons, indicating that this indicates an increase in the rates of sacrificial slaughter this year, despite the continuing spread of the new Corona epidemic.

In special statements for the seventh day, Al-Maqdis explained that a total of 17,000 tons of bones were collected during the Eid Al-Adha days of 2020, in six zabaleen areas in Greater Cairo, Giza, of which 5,000 tons of bones were collected, Cairo and Qalyubia 12,000 tons, while the Hajj The rest of the remnants of the slaughterhouse from the guts and dung of animals, and legs, about 3 thousand tons.

And the captain of the Zabaleen continued, this year is the most year we have seen in a long period, a sacrifice was slaughtered despite the presence of the Corona virus, as the total increase this year reached 7 thousand tons compared to last year, as we did not used to have a volume of more than 10 thousand tons.

Shehata al-Maqdis, the head of the Zabaleen Syndicate, had said in previous statements on the seventh day, that bone is the most important waste for the zabaleen, as it is considered a seasonal source of livelihood for them, even though the price per ton of bone does not exceed an average of 300 to 400 pounds, because it is a material subject to rotting. Therefore, it needs a greater effort to transport as soon as the slaughter is completed, adding: that bone merchants pass by the zabaleen to collect these seasonal goods, and a kilo of it is bought for 20 piasters, to be sold for about 40 piasters to the street vendor, then a ton is sold to the retailer for 200 pounds, and it is delivered to the wholesaler. With 300 pounds, and it reaches the factory at 400 pounds.


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