The health benefits of nutmeg for women do not count or turn away


Nutmeg contains many vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds associated with essential oils, and is known for its medicinal properties. As it can treat stomach ulcers, and aid digestion in particular, so it is added to many foods, and the following article introduces you to the benefits of nutmeg for women with doctor in nutrition and food science, Cynthia El-Hajj, on the following topic:

Nutmeg has insomnia healing properties; By adding a small amount of it in a cup of warm milk and drinking it before bed.

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties, and its oil may help relieve pain.

The benefits of nutmeg oil include treating swelling and inflammation, joint pain, muscle cramps, aches and sores.

Nutmeg is often associated with neuroprotective properties, and some medical studies have concluded that the oils in it prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The benefits of nutmeg for the face and skin are wonderful, and its many anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties can help maintain healthy and supple skin, and get rid of blackheads. The best way to use nutmeg on the skin is to mix it in powder form with water or honey and wash the skin gently.

Helps to delay premature aging caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, so nutmeg oil has gained popularity as well; Because of its rich properties beneficial to skin health.

Bad breath is a sign of excess toxins in the body, and nutmeg is known to have antibacterial and microbial properties. One of the essential oils found in nutmeg is eugenol, which helps relieve tooth pain as well as prevent tooth decay.

Nutmeg is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese and iron, all of which help regulate blood pressure and promote blood circulation. These minerals have the effect of reducing stress, as well as relaxing blood vessels.

Research indicates that the substances in nutmeg can help treat hepatitis.

Nutmeg has a calming effect on the body, which makes it combat depression, and it is involved in the manufacture of many anti-depressants and anxiety medications.

The myristicin found in nutmeg can help fight the growth of cancer cells, especially leukemia that usually affects children.

Consuming nutmeg in adequate amounts has shown to lower cholesterol levels in the blood as well.

Nutmeg helps with digestion, but it can also help treat diarrhea.

Nutmeg is an organic product that is effective for hair growth, and its antimicrobial properties can help keep the scalp clean and prevent dandruff from forming.There are many over-the-counter shampoos that contain nutmeg as an essential ingredient. Buy this type, or you can make a special hair treatment using nutmeg powder, coconut oil and honey.

Nutmeg contributes to weight loss, by increasing metabolism.

Some medical studies conducted show that nutmeg enhances sexual desire.


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