The health of the deputies to “The Seventh Day TV”: The citizen will not be a field of testing for pharmaceutical companies


Ayman Abu Al-Ela, head of the Parliamentary Committee of the Free Egyptians Party and a member of the Health Committee of the House of Representatives, confirmed that the Clinical Trials Law regulates clinical trials, explaining that the committee and the Council do not accept that the Egyptian citizen be a field of experiments for pharmaceutical companies, and it is not necessary to understand the approval of the law from The Egyptian Parliament today is in this way.

He added during the extensive coverage by Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV about an important event, which is the approval of the Egyptian Parliament on the Clinical Research Law today, where the paragraph was prepared by Muhammad Mahsoub, and presented by Tamer Ismail and Raghda Bakra.

He emphasized that any drug or new requirement on humans goes through different stages, where they are tried on animals and are considered “pre-clinical” and when they are tried on humans they are called “clinical” experiments, which are 3 stages, followed by dependence, explaining that the first stage of clinical trials is tried on a small number People from 50 to 60 people include safety, direct ether and new medicine.

Intervention of Representative Ayman Abu Al-Ela with the seventh day TV

He stressed that the second stage reaches from 100 to hundreds of people to study the effects that appear on the patient himself, explaining that if a good effect of the drug appears, the third stage begins immediately.

He stressed that the law renews that human trials are to be conducted only after experiments from the first and second stages, so that the Egyptian patient is safe.


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