The husband and the ex-husband got together and the disaster happened .. A murder that rocks Alexandria, you will not believe the reason


“I myself see my wild children,” words that were the spark of a murder witnessed by I.One of the popular areas in the park East of Alexandria.

RFA housewife 21 years, She married the one H.M.A., 26 years old After her divorce from her first husband, who was older than her with 23 years old, after having two children and the problems abounded because of the age difference that did not create harmony in thought, so they decided to separate, but the biggest victim was the young children.

It was fate that the young woman, who had crossed her second contract by one year, would marry a twenty-year-old man in his third decade only 5 years older than her, but the divorced woman insisted that he keep the children after the mother married.

“Myself see my wild children,” with these words she was the wife Constantly complaining about her ex-husband, “the victim”, refusing to allow her to see her children, and she confessed to the husband about this After hearing these words, the husband could not bear the torment of his wife, and he decided to take them to her ex-husband to convince him to allow her to see the most loved ones.

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But as soon as the free man and the husband met in the apartment of the victim, a spark of anger erupted, especially when the divorced woman saw her new husband with her. And he expelled them, and the quarrel began to escalate between the two parties, ending with the death of her ex-wife, after they failed to convince him to allow the mother to see her young children.

Investigations revealed that the accused did not intend to kill the victim, his wife was released, and said that he was trying to defend himself and his wife and convince him of her right to see her two children.

The wife added during the investigations that she asked her husband to help her see her two children after he denied her divorced women from seeing them because of her marriage, saying: “So I asked my husband to try to convince him of my right to see my children,” but the husband was very angry when they saw him, and a quarrel occurred between them that ended with the death of her ex-husband.

The Director of Alexandria Security and Assistant Minister, Major General Sami Ghoneim, Receive A notification from Al-Muntazah Police Department stating that a hospital report had received informing that Hussain A.A., 44 years old, an employee of a company, had received a stab wounds that led to his death.

Immediately, the investigation officers of the Third Division moved to the hospital, and after searching and investigating, the victim’s family charged his ex-wife and her husband with committing the incident, due to disputes over custody of the children.

After the procedures were codified, the defendants HMA, 26, a worker, and his wife, RFA, 21, a housewife, were arrested. A report of the incident was drawn up and the prosecution notified to take over the investigation.

After the presentation to the prosecution, Counselor Ashraf al-Maghribi, the general attorney for al-Muntazah Prosecution, decided to autopsy the body of the victim, and to detain the accused for 4 days pending investigations on charges of beating that resulted in death, and the release of the wife.

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