The injury of the YouTuber Mai Maher, a stroke in the lung


The official account of YouTuber Mai Maher on the social networking site “Instagram” announced that she had a lung stroke, a few hours before the death of the YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi was announced. Suddenly, while she is now in intensive care, pray for her for a speedy recovery, O Lord. “

It is skilled to investigate

This comes a few hours after blogger Mahmoud Abdel Moneim announced the death of the Youtuber Mustafa Hafnawi, after a long struggle under breathing machines in intensive care, after he was diagnosed with a stroke in the brain, after which he stayed in the hospital days ago.

YouTuber Mai Maher (1)
YouTuber Mai Maher (1)

Mustafa Hafnawi left our blogger world, and his friends announced his death in hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage, and due to an error diagnosis, he was paralyzed and fell into a coma, leaving huge popularity and great love from many, who turned social media platforms for huge campaigns to pray for him.

YouTuber Mai Maher (2)
YouTuber Mai Maher (2)

“The Seventh Day” toured the late blogger account, which left a large share of the supplication before his death, with many posts containing invitations, Quranic verses and videos urging encouragement for Corona virus patients, in addition to many supplication posts.

Among the publications that Hafnawi wrote before his death, a post in which he said: “Praise be to God for what I have had, and praise be to God for what I did not have, so both of them were good and God knows best.” He received a large number of posts and invitations, moments after announcing his death.

And one of the most popular posts that received huge posts by Hafnawi’s followers is a post to him, saying: “They acknowledged Al-Fatiha with the intention that every dead person has no one to invite or think of him as charity.” And he wrote, “God.”

Hafnawy recently celebrated his first million followers on his official social media Facebook page, and he also celebrated his dog’s birthday with a group of photos, in addition to his celebration of the opening of his fourth branch of the chain of stores he owns with Amr Rady.


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