The launch of the Presidential Initiative for Maternal and Fetal Health in North Sinai


Commissioned by Dr. Tariq Shawka, Director of the Health Directorate, Dr. Intisar Sarri, Director of Health Care, confirmed the launch of the presidential initiative “to take care of the health of the mother and the fetus” for early detection of infection with diseases transmitted from mother to fetus and providing free treatment and health care.

Intissar said, “The initiative aims at early detection of HIV, HIV and syphilis infection for pregnant women, in addition to reducing maternal deaths from these diseases starting today in all primary health care centers.”

Ibtisam Fouda, a nursing inspector at the directorate, confirmed that the initiative guarantees the confidentiality of analyzes, proper testing by selecting reagents with international quality standards, and also includes advice to prevent diseases, and requires approval and the lady’s acceptance of the service.

Dr. Intisar Sarri, the general coordinator of the initiative, added that the initiative is sustainable within the services of health units and mother and child centers, within the framework of activating and improving the quality of routine services provided by mother and child care, including conducting a clinical examination to assess the general condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus and to discover risk factors that may accompany pregnancy, and vaccination against tetanus. Measuring height, weight, and blood pressure, performing various analyzes, as well as monitoring the condition of the mother and the newborn for a period of 42 days after the end of pregnancy to discover risk factors for all the mother or newborn, and take appropriate measures.

For his part, Education and Media Officer Fathi Othman said: The assignments of Dr. Hasim Hamdy, Director General of Education, to intensify educational seminars to inform about the initiative and launch it, are continuing during the current stage.


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