The Minister of Health directed the transfer of “perineal child” by a flying ambulance to Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital


Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, has directed the transfer of the child, Muhammad Mustafa, known as “the perjury child”, to Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, to receive the necessary medical care.

Today, Wednesday, a ministry statement indicated that the child was transferred, today, Wednesday, from Aswan University Hospital, in Aswan Governorate, to the Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital in Cairo, in coordination with the Minister of Civil Aviation and the Governor of Aswan, via a flying ambulance, by a team from the Egyptian Ambulance Authority. Under the supervision and escort of Dr. Ahmed Al-Azab, Director of Air Ambulance.

The ministry added that the child is 15 years old, and he had an accident in which he was working with the oven in Aswan Governorate, and it was found that he suffers from a dislocated cervical vertebrae and a severe injury to the spinal cord, which led to quadriplegia.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the Minister directed to provide all necessary health care for the child, and to conduct the necessary x-rays and examinations, pointing out that upon his arrival at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, with an equipped ambulance, he was received by a medical team of various specialties, and analyzes and medical examinations are currently being conducted. Necessary for him.


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