The Ministry of Health reveals ways to prevent corona for people with chronic diseases


The Ministry of Health and Population revealed the mechanisms and precautionary measures that must be followed from infection with Covid 19, in the event of infection with one of the non-communicable diseases “communicable” and chronic diseases, which are represented by diabetes, stress, cancer and lung diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Population said that necessary precautionary measures must be taken to reduce the likelihood of people contracting corona, including frequent hand washing, following proper health systems, and adhering to social distancing, while adhering to the usual medication taken according to the state of health.

The Ministry of Health and Population added that the mobile clinics of the President’s initiative to follow up and treat chronic diseases are present in all governorates of the Republic for free detection and treatment, and the health units of the President’s initiative to support women’s health are fully prepared to receive Egyptian women for breast cancer and chronic diseases and receive free treatment and appointments daily from Saturday. Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm.

You can find out the locations of health units and mobile clinics closest to you on the 100 Million Health website:



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