The Netherlands reports 4 cases of corona for the second time after recovering


Doctors in the Netherlands have reported 4 cases of second infection with the Corona virus after recovering, and Harald Witchgel, a spokesman for the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, said that at least 4 cases of infection with the Coronavirus have been confirmed again with the genetic sequence in the Netherlands, according to Insider and “nbcnews.”

This comes after scientists in Hong Kong reported the first second case of Coronavirus, for a 33-year-old man, and Belgium reported a second case that infected the virus again, which confirms that there is no permanent immunity for those infected with the virus, so the number of cases infected for the second time is about World 6 cases.

And all four cases of infection in the Netherlands were mild cases, although each of them has been documented in patients over the age of 60, who tend to have some complications of the Coronavirus. The time periods between first and second infections in patients in the Netherlands range from weeks to months. .

4 cases of infection have been reported again, all in elderly people in the Netherlands.


Many re-infection cases share common features: the infection was mild, or even asymptomatic, indicating that it is unlikely that re-infection would be severe, and that a person’s initial disease, even if it did not fully protect him from re-infection, helped In protecting them from some of the harshest effects of the virus, should they fall ill again.

And scientists said it’s just because few cases of re-infection with COVID-19 It has begun to appear among the more than 23.9 million documented cases of the Coronavirus worldwide, this does not mean that the primary infection does nothing to protect people from future diseases, or that a vaccine will not help end the epidemic.


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