The news: gold prices today, Tuesday 25-8


Gold prices in Egypt continued to stabilize today, Tuesday, as the price of the 21 carat reached about 854 pounds, while the 24 carat scored about 976 pounds, and the 18 carat scored about 732 pounds.

While the price of 14 carat reached about 569 pounds, and the gold pound reached 6832 Pounds, and an ounce recorded 1944 dollars on global exchanges.

In addition to the official gold prices, between 24 and 60 pounds, the value of workmanship and stamp, which the merchants or the owner of the goldsmith’s shop obtain, as the price of the gram “21” was recorded to 914 pounds after adding the value of the workmanship and the stamp, while the “18” carat reached about 792 Pound, and the price of caliber 14 reached 629 pounds.


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