The result of the first stage of coordination .. 98.53% for medicine and 98.41% for teeth, 97.9% for physiotherapy


Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, announced the result of coordinating the first stage, pointing out that the medical faculties in the scientific division have stabilized their limits for admission to human medicine at 404 degrees by 98.53%, dentistry colleges 98.41%, pharmacy 98% and physical therapy 97.9%.

The Minister of Higher Education said that the number of high school students who obtained 95% of the scientific division is about 30% of the total passes compared to last year, which led to a slight increase in the minimum this year, and the number of students in the first phase, science division, started with 400 degrees or more. With an acceptance rate of 97.6%, with the number of students 30,855 students, and for the Division of Sports 387 degrees, about 94.4%. 16665 students, for literary studies, 327.5 degrees, or 97.9% or more, and the carrying number of students 149,658 male and female students.

The Minister of Higher Education stated during his speech at the press conference to announce the results of the first stage of coordination that is now being held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Information, that the number of those who have already submitted for the scientific divisions is 48,148 students and the literary division is 101 thousand with a total of 149 thousand students. The increase in the number of applicants over the estimated number was the result of an increase in the incoming requests. On grievances and their results and changing the result every two or three days to raise the scores based on the scores obtained.

The Minister of Higher Education stated that with regard to exhaustion, which means students who registered desires that did not correspond to their total, it was 239 students, and they will have a second opportunity today to register their desires again.


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