The Secret of Sudden Strokes: Do Drugs Work? Video


From time to time, accidents of death increase, especially for young people, as a result of sudden strokes

Some have linked death to taking certain drugs and medicines

Especially painkillers and nutritional supplements

But .. what are these drugs?

What are its damages?


One of the most important hormones that the human body makes

The risks of taking it up to

– Shortness of breath

Increased heart rate

– high blood pressure


Tramadol is an opioid analgesic

Affects the central nervous system

And the risks reach an extent

Extreme fatigue and slow heart rate

Muscle weakness down to coma

And large quantities of it lead to less oxygen and thus death

Amino acid

They are types of amino acids

Lead to an unhealthy drop in blood pressure

And excessive consumption of it leads to increased kidney function impairment


It is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men

And it leads to nosebleeds

May cause overdoses

Reduction of Blood pressure

Heart problems or stroke


Hormone found in women and men

It is used if the hormone levels are low in the body

And cause excessive doses of it:

Blurred vision and headache

Sudden and severe inability to speak


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