The specter of Post Corona Syndrome faces 25% of the recovered from Covid 19.. Know the details


The Ministry of Health and Population revealed that some of those recovered from Corona were exposed to what is called “corona recuperative syndrome”, or a post-corona syndrome, in which the person who recovered from Covid 19 experienced a set of complications, the most important of which are lung fibrosis, forgetfulness, and stroke in the brain, in addition to Weakness, general weakness and difficulty breathing, confirming that this occurs in some, but not all, cases.

Day 7 presents a graph video of health complications for those recovering from Corona after leaving hospital.

25% of people with coronary syndrome have a condition called Post Corona syndrome.

Post Corona syndrome occurs as a result of a war that the body’s immune system leads with the virus, to eradicate it.

The most common symptom of Post Corona syndrome is a minor pulmonary fibrosis from which the patient quickly and gradually recovers, which causes shortness of breath.

Post-Corona syndrome causes bone pain, general weakness, weakness and frequent sweat, and the patient gradually recovers from it within a period of up to a month. ”

And suffer from the syndrome to “forgetfulness” and some strokes in separate places.

The Ministry of Health provides all treatment and follow-up methods for people with post-coronary syndrome until full recovery is free of charge


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