The splitting of a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean threatens an environmental disaster


The authorities in Mauritius announced that the condition of the Japanese cargo ship, which crashed into a coral reef last month, deteriorated early Saturday morning and broke apart, threatening a marine environmental disaster.

The National Crisis Committee in Mauritius confirmed today, Sunday, that the condition of the “MV Wakachio” deteriorated early Saturday morning and broke apart by the afternoon.

“Reuters” agency quoted the president of the Association for the Preservation of Marine Life in Mauritius, Jacqueline Sozer, that some oil residue leaked from the ship into the ocean on Friday.

Authorities have deployed barriers to help absorb oil around the ship.

The Mauritian government said on Thursday that most of the oil had been withdrawn from the ship, but 166 tons of fuel oil remained in it and authorities were working to remove it.

Japanese Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi has said that Tokyo intends to send a team of Environment Ministry officials and specialists to assess the damage.

The ship hit a coral reef on July 25, which led to the spill of about a thousand tons of fuel oil and endangered coral reefs, fish and other marine life, in what some scientists described as the worst environmental disaster in Mauritius.

Scientists say the full impact of the leak has yet to be seen, but the damage could affect Mauritius and its tourism-dependent economy for decades.

Source: Reuters

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