The story of the first dog in Britain to be treated for cancer by treating a human tumor


For the first time a dog was treated for cancer with a human treatment claiming to be the first in Britain, where Ralph, a five-year-old Gordon dog, received a beam of radiation in the exact shape of the tumor, and the advanced technique, known as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy was introduced (IMRT) , By a device called Vital Beam.


According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, the machine at the University of Edinburgh’s Small Animal Hospital provides X-ray therapy directly to cancer cells, using IMRT Radiation can be delivered to the tumor while reducing the risks to healthy tissues. After treatment, Ralph’s tumor shrunk dramatically, the nosebleeds he was suffering from stopped and he is said to live life to the fullest..


We are fortunate to have the latest technology available to our patients, this advanced technology allows us to provide a lot of normal and healthy tissues and gives us the ability to increase the doses of radiation for tumors, our primary goal is Fighting cancer, but at the same time improving or maintaining the quality of life.

After treatment, Ralph’s tumor has shrunk dramatically, the nosebleeds he was suffering from has stopped and he is said to be living life to the fullest, we are happy with Ralph’s progress and hope he enjoys a good quality of life for a long time with his loving companions..”

Ralph had frequent nosebleeds and a vet diagnosed a severe tumor in his nose that affected his breathing and could have killed him, owner Gina Forbes said, “ The team was reassured in a scary time and had such determination to fight for Ralph.

We knew he was receiving the best care possible and after his treatment, we always brought home a very well looked after dog. His condition is much better now.


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