The story of the new dentist doctor in Minya..for the poor made his exposure 10 pounds for life


Dr. Muhammad Ali, nicknamed in the village of Delga Dermawas in Minya, said, “He is the doctor of the overpowering”, that he fulfilled the vow he made on the day that he opened his private clinic between him and his family, adding that God blessed him with a great grace that we deserve to offer to God and the poor, and decided that it should be valuable Examination of patients at 10 pounds.

He added in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the value of the disclosure decision came from his heart and that he loved the poor and therefore loved him, pointing out that he finds his own happiness when he sees a poor recovering before his eye from the medicine he writes to him.

He pointed out that the people of the village consider my clinic as their home and I was able to be great friendships with them young and old, and about his family members he said to 4 girls married and 3 males, adding: I found great support from them after they became adults and helped me greatly in this decision to be the value of detection to patients Only 10 pounds until the end of life, in addition to Mondays and Thursdays, I offer free disclosure to the residents.

And Dr. Mohamed continued, that the medical profession is a profession of a sublime message, as it is more like angels, so we must have done as much as God has given us grace, pointing out that what God gives him is sufficient for him in addition to the pension he receives in order to lead a decent life.

Dr. Muhammad told “The Seventh Day”, I was born in 1942, I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University in 1977, I worked in the New Valley for 20 months and then returned to my country, Deir Mawas, to work in the health unit there..

The new doctor added, “I started the examination in the clinic about 35 years ago, and the detection was 3 pounds and then increased to 5 to 7 pounds, until a problem occurred in finding the remaining ten pounds, so the villagers suggested that the detection amount be 10 pounds, and the matter will be settled, and it will be That lifetime will not exceed 10 pounds until the life difference.

And Dr. Muhammad explained: I decided to open the private clinic inside my house so that I would be available all the time to the patients, and I wrote that that working in the clinic from sunrise to sunset .

As for prescription, the treatment is limited to the patient’s need only and important medications. If the patient’s diagnosis is good, I refuse to ask him for x-rays and analyzes so that he does not burden him and incur more financial amounts than his energy .

He said that the 10 pounds that I charge to examine patients are sufficient to meet my basic needs and I am not asking for more than that, saying: We only need the necessities of life .

Dr. Muhammad explained: I do not have a high-end mobile phone and I have never used the Internet since I graduated and I do not like to use it, because that causes a waste of time and I would like to be with patients better to waste time on anything else .

He stressed that the value of disclosure will be for life and will remain between the poor and the people of my village, because they need every hand to help and assist them.


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